What is Ratatoskr?

Ratatoskr is a personal file server.

Access your files from any device, using its built-in mobile-first file manager, complete with picture browser, media player, PDF reader, ODF previewer, and plain text, CSV and MarkDown viewers and editors. Try it now.

Or access your files as a network drive in Windows 10, MacOS, etc., or using the WebDAV client of your choice.

Ratatoskr is a web server.

Use Ratatoskr to serve your personal website, blog, photo gallery, etc., by simply putting the static HTML, JavaScript and CSS files in a folder. This website is being served by an instance of Ratatoskr.

Ratatoskr syncs your calendar and contacts.

Use Ratatoskr with DAVx5 to store your calendars and contacts on your own server and synchronise them between your devices.

Ratatoskr is a platform.

Use Ratatoskr's simple API from JavaScript to create rich collaborative apps without writing any server code. See an example.

Ratatoskr is tiny.

Ratatoskr is a single-threaded server in less than 1000 lines of MicroPython, and depends on nothing but MicroPython, libc and libffi.

The server is designed to run on small devices, especially routers running OpenWRT. The Ratatoskr instance serving this website uses only 2.3MB of RAM.

Ratatoskr's HTML5 file manager is just 16kB (gzipped) of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, plus third-party packages that can be self-hosted or fetched from a CDN.